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Can I Use Menstrual Cup If I have Copper-T?

Can I Use Menstrual Cup If I have Copper-T?

What is Copper T?

Do many women have a question that Can I Use Menstrual Cup If I have Copper-T? Copper T or IUD is among different types of contraception that is used by women. It is named Copper ‘T’ as its shape looks more or less like the letter ‘T’.

It is a long-term method of contraception and thus, once fixed they can last for around 5-10 years after they are inserted into the body. Copper T is inserted into the uterus by an expert or a nurse to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Once it is done its small string comes down just outside of the cervix.

There are two types of IUDs that can be termed as copper IUD or hormonal IUD. Both are effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. The only thing that you need to take care of is that both you and your partner do not suffer from any sexually transmitted infections as the copper T cannot protect you from that.

If the copper T is inserted in the right manner and sits in the right position then you cannot feel it at all like a menstrual cup. But if it is not the case then you may feel some inconvenience, bleeding or pain. But the women go for this contraception because it is a long term option as there are no worries regarding buying a condom or taking contraceptive pills and they don’t have to think about replacing it frequently.

However, some women have inhibitions in mind about using a Copper T while using a menstrual cup. So is it really so that a reusable menstrual cup and a Copper T Can be used together?

Can a menstrual cup be used with a Copper T?

Yes, It’s a safe option to use a menstrual cup and a copper T together. But everyone has a different opinion about its usage since both are inserted inside the body of a woman. Thus, special consideration is given regarding its usage and people have mixed opinions about their experience of using a Copper T.

It is very important that both Copper T and Menstrual Cup work harmoniously and for that, you need to get the length of the string of the Copper T checked. If it’s a long one then it needs to be cut. Ideally, a string of the Copper T either sits inside the cup or above the cup.

Once you insert the menstrual cup the device can move a little bit from its original position. So it is better to check by moving your finger on the edge of the cup to make sure that the string is not out and you cannot feel it.

The suction created by the menstrual cup on the walls of the vagina fixes it firmly inside leaving no space for dislocation of the Copper T. Moreover a menstrual cup sits low in the vagina while A copper T sits in the uterus.

How to remove a menstrual cup when you have a Copper T?

Removing a menstrual cup is not a big deal if it is done following the instructions and giving a little more attention. Do not use any kind of force to remove the menstrual cup as it gets tucked up due to the suction created. It should not touch the string of the copper T. Removing the suction will automatically make the menstrual cup come out smoothly without interfering with the string of the Copper T.

How to use a menstrual cup with a copper T?

There are certain precautions that you need to take when you are using a Copper T and these include:

Keep the menstrual cup away from the string of the Copper T as much as possible. Interfering with the string can cause problems. So make sure that the string does not get in between the edge of the cup and the vaginal wall as it can get dislocated when the Cup is taken out.

Keep an eye on the string: If you feel the string to be bigger than the normal then it is a sign of dislocation as well.

Ask your doctor to shorten the string if it is too long.

Remove the cup cautiously by breaking the seal that the suction has created. Do not do
it by using strength or putting pressure as this may dislocate the Copper T.
Be very cautious while choosing the size of the cup as different brands of menstrual cups come in different sizes. The most important thing is that the cup should sit low in the vagina and close to your cervix.

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