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5 Fact About Menstrual Cups

5 Fact About Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are one of the best women intimate things that not only save your money but also let you get rid of messy and uncomfortable period days. These inexpensive cups are made from non-toxic materials medical grade silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that makes it ideal for internal use. 

These cups are one of the best alternates for sanitary pads and tampons and also save you from period leakage for a longer time. These cups collect menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it.

These cups may last for up to 10-12 years if maintained properly. To be aware of the menstrual cup cleaning method is important. It not only maintains the hygiene of cup but also protects your internal part from any kind of bacterial infections.

5 Facts About Menstrual Cups

  1. Eco friendly: Menstrual cups are made of non-toxic silicon whereas chemicals have been traced in tampons and pads, such as bleach and dioxin that can even cause cancer in humans. Apart from being safe on skin, cups create less waste and are also biodegradable in nature. Sanitary napkins and tampons generally take years to dissolve and it’s one of the most prominent contributors of massive trash
  2. Money savers: Menstrual cups are way cheaper than sanitary napkins and are also reusable. These cups can last for years that help you save some money from your monthly expenses. Two main reasons make this alternate a budget-friendly thing- First, These cups will only last long if you maintain the hygiene and secondly cups can hold menstrual fluid for up to 6-12 hours. To make this possible one must be aware of proper cleaning and storing methods.  
  3. Different size for different shape: These reusable and inexpensive menstrual cups come with many advantages and the most important one is there are plenty of options that vary as per shape, size and material. Everybody is different thus it is very necessary to choose what suits your body best. Factors such as cervix position, blood flow, bladder sensitivities, age and lifestyle are some of the primary reasons that may affect your choice.
  4. Mess-free periods: Sanitary pads and tampons are some of the common things woman prefer during periods but the problems related to them are infinite as they make period time messy by being stinky and uncomfortable, leakage issues and most importantly rashes problem that makes them unsafe to use. A menstrual cup holds menstrual blood for long and also avoids leakage issues.
  5. No-Risk: a menstrual cup is a new thing in the market thus many of us may found it scary to switch but as compared to tampons menstrual cups are healthy to use as they don’t dry the vagina. This preserves the healthy bacteria and decreases the chance of any type of vaginal infections. Menstrual cups have no association with a rare and life-threatening disease like toxic shock syndrome (TSS) as linked to the person that uses tampons. Menstrual cups are chemical-free alternate that not only maintains ph-balance but also protects your skin from any kind of infection.

Now you are aware of how useful this new thing is its reusable and inexpensive also menstrual cups come with many advantages that not only gives you a legit reason to switch but also makes your period days happy. A menstrual cup is a magic in the feminine hygiene product industry and has brought a revolutionary change in how period days used to be messy and uncomfortable

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