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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that menstrual cups are not one-size-fits-all products – they’re not necessarily the right period products for everyone. That’s why we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee if you get the wrong cup size or if the cup simply doesn’t work for you.

 This applies to period products bought from our website only.


How do I claim it?


We offer a free size exchange or a full refund. Please note that the guarantee is only valid for one of the cups. The cup guarantee is valid for 1 Month from the purchase date.

Step 1:
For a couple of cycles, try your ordered size. If you face an issue
(poking stems, leaking, difficulties removing, etc.) connect with us here for a consultation.

Step 2:
It will be necessary for you to cut the current cup and send us a video. Please include the order details as well.

Step 3:
We have dispatched the cup and you should receive it before your next period.

If You need any support please get in touch with our Customer Support team at or 989-909-5800.