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29 May, 2024

World Menstrual Hygiene Day: This village of UP became the first 'sanitary pad free village', know how a husband-wife

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28 May, 2024

IIT Kanpur Startup MildCares Makes History As Aminabad Urf Baragoan Village Becomes UP’s First "Sanitary Pad-Free Village"

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06 May, 2024

पॉजिटिव स्टोरी- मेंस्ट्रुअल कप बेचकर 2 करोड़ कमा रहीं: सैनिटरी पैड से हुआ था इन्फेक्शन; स्विट्जरलैंड से मंगवाने पड़े मेंस्ट्रुअल कप .

‘2019 की बात है। अचानक से मेरी तबीयत ज्यादा खराब रहने लगी।

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07 September, 2022

Meet the Draper season 5 | Gynocup | Mildcares | coming soon A one million Dollars. GynoCup is a silicon-based, most advanced menstrual cup

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13 October, 2022

Meet the Drapers Season 5 Semi finale | Full episode | Gynocup | Mildcares
Meet the Draper | Gynocup coming soon A one million Dollars

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12 February, 2023

Need of women healthcare and hygiene in modern India
“Breaking the Taboo: The Urgent Need for Women Healthcare and Menstrual Hygiene in India”

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11 May, 2023

‘Mild Cares’ aspires to create awareness, help women switch to menstrual cups instead of regular sanitary pads.Founders of healthcare startup Mild Cares

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1 March , 2023

Use Of Menstruation Cups In Rural India: Acceptability & Feasibility
Menstrual hygiene management is a major concern in rural India, where women have limited access

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10 MARCH, 2023

Revolutionizing Menstrual Hygiene: The Story of Mild Cares
Rachna Vyas and her husband Sandeep were driven by a passion for improving women's health when

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09 MARCH, 2023

Women’s Health: On The Cusp Of A Revolution?
In this Women's Day Special issue, Lakshmipriya Nair explores the growth potential, challenges and

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25 MARCH, 2023

Top 6 Influential personalities who are making India proud by Probox media. New Delhi [India], March 25 (ANI/GPRC): There are many famous

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10 APRIL , 2023

Healthy Women, Healthy World: The Critical Role of Women's Health and Hygiene. As half of the global population, women’s health and hygiene play a critical role in the

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28 January, 2023

UNION BUDGET 2023-24: WHAT DO VETERANS OF THE STARTUP ECOSYSTEM EXPECT FROM THE BUDGET? Let us know what the stalwarts of the startup ecosystem

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11 January, 2023

Periods In Winter: What Not To Do During Menstruation Days.
Do you feel increased period pain and crazy mood swings during winter months? The cold weather

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