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About Us

About Us


MILDCARES.COM (Legal Name: Rachna, Trade Name: Mild Cares) is reputed as a worldbest personal care organization with its headquarters located in Faridabad,Haryana,India. Being established in the year 2019, Mild Cares came into operations with its primary objective of making a significant difference in the lives of women and hence developed a sustainable, cheaper, and better form of managing periods.


Understanding the womanhood and her challenges and how to empower the feminine race, was from where it had all started to begin! GynoCup is a revolutionary product that straight away belongs to curbing the strenuous days of menstruation and making the lives of each woman a healthier and a better one.

Excellent health

The story of Mild Cares was being written from the day we believed that no woman at any corner of this universe should feel the regret of her womanhood because of the pain she bears every month. Dedicatedly made and designed for helping during the time of menstruations, GynoCups is surely your BFF!


The GynoCups founding team has taken long roads to find out the real challenges women face with their periods and reckon some real concerning insights. Theses insights highlighted the miseries of ill-health, cancerous ailments, frequent infections due to the unhygienic use of tampons, and sanitary napkins.

Youth and Beauty

It’s a silicon-based cup that is inserted into the vagina during menstruations and relieves you from unhealthy practice of using sanitary napkins. The unnecessary contamination of harmful chemicals and secretions releasing from your body during these times is a painful past that no more finds its existence with GynoCups.