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We have been watching our mothers, sisters and other women in our lives suffer, being embarrassed due to menstruation and sanitary needs. It is unfair, unjust for all women. Quite frankly, we firmly believe all women deserve proper period and sanitization care. Hence, we at mild care try every day, to focus more on making the flawed systems and patterns correct.



We aim to introduce products or services that are meant to make women's lives easier, thereby supporting them to be free from over leaking stress, cramping, and struggles of urinating safely.



Menstrual cycles are inevitable, consequently, the use of pads or tampons to manage them is mandatory. But, we simply cannot ignore the pressure it puts on earth to process the waste. Hence, we aim to reduce the waste as well as help you with more and more sustainable and scientific formulas.



We are always here for you, we have female consultants on phone lines to answer all kinds of questions, doubts, or complaints you have from us.  We cannot get rid of periods, we thrive hard every day to make "that time of the month" healthier, happier, hygienic, and comfortable for you.