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GynoCup Women Glossy Face Razor (Set-3 Pack of 1)

Rs. 199.00 Rs. 349.00


GynoCup Smooth Face Razor

  • Pack of Female Face Razor
  • Set of 3 units



GynoCup Face Razor is super smooth and soft on your skin.

Painless Facial Hair Removal

Easy to Use

Hygienic & safe

Stainless Steel Blade

-  Lightweight: it’s lightweight design is easy to carry and hold
- Non-slip grip: Makes it easy to hold and use
- Removes even finest hair: Removes even the finest and most stubborn hair evenly
Safety covers: To keep it safe, clean, and hygienic
- Hasslefree: Easy to use and get smooth skin in minutes
- Easily Disposable: You can use it and once you are done dispose of it easily
- Exfoliates: It gently exfoliates dead skin making the skin clean, happy, and bright


1. Splash water on your face to make it wet
2. Remove the safety cup
3. Slide the razor with light hands on your face in a downward direction without exerting pressure
4. After shaving wipe the face with wet wipes or a wet towel



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